2015, A really tough year

So its been almost2 years since the last time I update this blog.
I live in the busy life. Sure it doesnt give me time to view this blog.
I kinda miss this blog. It has it own memories. Untold memories.

And yeah, back to my topic about 2015. Hey I am 15, dude and it sounds a bit crazy yet real. Hahahaha. It's actually I don't know which part I should start my story. Okay this year I am going to sit for PT3 huaargghh it is less than 20 days from now and I am not ready at all. Not at all lah. It is just the nervous thingy.

I feel awkward tho using english to write story but this is an effort to achicve A in english. Why not? This year I am together with the elite people, studying in 3 Fomalhaut. So many genius people and I am so fucking insecure of their sexy mind. Pandai nak mampus kot semua. And sometimes it make me feel uncomfortable in that class. Everyone is too clever, too brilliant, too whatever it is that I couldn't beat. Ugh. It shows that I am afraid to take the challenges.

But yet after all, I am still here breathing. Means that their advantages didn't harm me. It is me who has to be confident and believe in myself.

This year has taught me a lot. About friendship. About our love to people.

I teach myself to not fall in love. But I bet that I failed on that. I have some special feeling for this one guy. Gladly I can control this feeling. But one more things is about my guy-bestfriend. It is more than a frienship but I will make sure that it won't ever be more than a relationship. I love him as my friend who always be there to hear my problems and sharing lame joke. Sharing experience. Although sometimes it hurts me that he love the one that I hate the most. Duh

It's actually so many things to be write on. But, yeah let it be secret first. I'll tell all about it after my PT3 is over. Insyaallah :)